Afghanistan's political front/ Khan Zaman Kakar

18.08.2013 18:43

In today’s Afghanistan, the basic problem we face inside the state and society is the lack of a political front. Without a political front, the intra-Afghan dialogue process and the policy of national reconciliation cannot be crystallized in terms of the pragmatic sense of a nation state which has never been a tempting offer to social and political imagination in Afghanistan. The tribal imageries still occupy a wider space and a leading theme in the Afghan political discourse ranging from an ordered anarchy and anarchic polity to the newly growing democracy, from the bloody borders to the process of reconstruction sponsoring by the most authoritative stakeholder

Though, in the institutions of war and migration, Afghans have learned a lot how to put up with each other in the society and how to systematize and celebrate the ethnic and tribal differences which are easily instrumentalized by the enemies. This is the main factor behind the social backup of parliamentary system and a social barrier in the way of Taliban’s reemergence. But, a social backup/barrier doesn’t have the capacity to work as a political front. On the political front, Afghans will have to symbolize their vice in customary political terms and in agendas of political parties.
It is not a good sign at all that on the upcoming presidential elections, the whole political debate is revolving around expected candidates instead of any trend to consider a political base and party.j

If the political front is lacking in Afghanistan, any political solution to the problem which can assist the Afghan people will never occur in this world of interests and in the presence of bloodsucking neighbors.
The way Afghan government was ignored in the Qatar talk process simply reflected the poverty of politics in Afghanistan. Though, Afghan government very sensibly recorded its reaction but the issue needs a political consideration of the situation how this all happened and how to control such a condition in future

The post 2014 scenario demands a passionate and inclusive political stance rather than a sadist approach to the tragic future of the country.
On the eve of 94th Independence Day of Afghanistan, it is worth mentioning that in the present changing political world, the tune of independence makes sense only in political metaphors. Independence is all about politics and power and it needs a better understanding of all power games. If we want to survive as an independent nation (!) we should less concentrate on poetic wisdom and ethical standards.l

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